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AI Engineer
Fully Remote (with In-Person Option in San Francisco)

TLDR; Send your info to work@vizcom.ai

The Opportunity
We're seeking an AI Engineer to bring their unique blend of technical skills and AI/ML passion to shape the future of Industrial Design. You'll play a critical role in developing and deploying practical AI solutions tailored to the evolving needs of designers. Your expertise in diffusion technologies, containerization, and cloud infrastructure will be instrumental in enabling seamless creativity for our users.


  • Spearhead AI Development: Own the creation, optimization, and integration of applied machine learning models within Vizcom's product landscape, with a focus on 2d/3d generation, manipulation, and understanding.

  • Diffusion Expertise: Apply your deep understanding of diffusion models (e.g., Stable Diffusion, ComfyUI) to innovate and refine our AI-powered toolset.

  • Containerization & Orchestration: Leverage your proficiency in Docker and Kubernetes to streamline model deployment, packaging, and scaling.

  • Cloud Infrastructure Management: Employ tools like Pulumi to deploy and maintain our AI systems on multi-cloud and bare-metal environments.

  • Design-Centric Mindset: Collaborate closely with design and product teams to ensure AI solutions meet real-world user needs and foster an enhanced design process.

  • Best Practices Champion: Promote strong coding standards, effective tool selection, and a clear focus on maintainability, reliability, and performance.


  • Experience: Proven track record in applied machine learning development, ideally with specific experience in diffusion models.

  • Technical Mastery: A solid foundation in Python and PyTorch.

  • Cloud Fluency: In-depth experience with containerization (Docker), orchestration (Kubernetes), and infrastructure management (e.g., Pulumi, Terraform).

  • Collaboration & Communication: Ability to work effectively across teams, translating technical concepts for design and product stakeholders.

  • Ownership Mentality: Passion for taking projects from conception to deployment with a high degree of initiative and creativity.

Nice to Have

  • Familiarity with web technologies (TypeScript, React, GraphQL)

  • Experience in the creative technology or design tool space

  • Interest in computer graphics, rendering, or 3D modeling

About Working with Us:

We are a Series A startup with a distributed team, blending local talent in San Francisco with remote experts from around the world. Currently, our team consists of 5 engineers, mostly working remotely. We use Discord and Linear for communication and task organization. Our approach is design-first, ensuring that most, if not all, product features and advancements are driven by thoughtful and innovative design principles.

At Vizcom, we're committed to creating products grounded in strong technical principles. Our approach is defined by a commitment to future-focused, high-quality coding, small yet highly efficient teams, practical tooling, and custom-tailored best practices. We emphasize future ease of maintenance over immediate coding convenience, trust and accountability within our team, and an understanding of our product and users. As a learning-driven team, we continually explore new technologies and approaches, ensuring our work is transparent and that each team member has a significant impact.

Apply Now

Ready to shape the future of design with AI? Send your GitHub/portfolio and resume to work@vizcom.ai. We're excited to see what we can build together!