Technicolor 6, Vizcom’s new render engine

Dec 15, 2022

Technicolor 6

 Meet Technicolor 6, a powerful testament to the transformative capabilities of generative AI in the realm of artistic expression. It moves beyond replication into true imagination and creative problem-solving.

At the heart of TC6 is its unique understanding of color. It's not a simple replication of hues, but a combination of warm and cool tones that gives depth and emotion to the rendering. TC6 embodies a rich language of color, understanding its environment's significance and imbuing it with emotion—the essence of artistic expression

The TC6 Generative Render Engine is a tool that helps tell a story, convey emotion, and bridge the gap between the viewer and a world that is both familiar and futuristic. It empowers artists, allowing them to express their creativity in ways they've never imagined.

 We are happy to continue this legacy by enabling all who have the          desire to make their visions a reality. Technicolor 6 gives us a          glimpse into the future of imagination—one we are excited to paint          together.