The Evolving Role of Sketching in Design Education

May 17, 2024

In today's rapidly evolving design landscape, traditional skills like sketching remain essential for effective visual communication, while emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) are transforming creative workflows. Recently, Turkish car designer and YouTuber Berk Kaplan visited the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design (MOME) in Budapest to conduct a three-day digital sketching workshop for Vehicle Design specialization students. The workshop not only covered the fundamentals of digital sketching but also explored the growing relationship between AI and design, providing valuable insights into the future of automotive design and the importance of sketching in the era of AI.

The Importance of Sketching in Design Education

Sketching is a fundamental skill for designers across various disciplines, allowing them to visualize and communicate their ideas quickly. As Kaplan emphasized during the workshop, sketching helps to bridge the gap between the designer's mental image and the audience's understanding. By putting ideas on paper, designers can avoid misunderstandings and ensure everyone is on the same page. This is particularly crucial in the automotive industry, where clear visual communication is essential for successful collaboration between designers, engineers, and other stakeholders.

AI and the Future of Creative Workflows

In addition to traditional sketching techniques, the workshop also focused on the integration of AI tools like Midjourney and Vizcom into the car design process. Kaplan highlighted the surprising ways in which AI can both complement and challenge the designer's vision. While tools like Midjourney can generate unexpected results based on text prompts, Vizcom supports the designer's creative process by directly enhancing their sketches. By leveraging AI technologies, designers can save time and explore new possibilities while still maintaining their unique artistic vision.

The Impact on Design Education

As AI continues to shape the future of design, it is crucial for educational institutions like MOME to adapt their curricula and provide students with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in this new landscape. By incorporating digital sketching and AI tools into their programs, universities can prepare the next generation of designers for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. However, it is equally important to emphasize the enduring value of traditional skills like sketching, which will continue to play a vital role in the design process, even as AI technologies become more prevalent.

Berk Kaplan's digital sketching workshop at MOME highlights the importance of sketching in design education and the growing influence of AI on creative workflows. By embracing both traditional skills and emerging technologies, design students can position themselves for success in an increasingly complex and dynamic industry. As educational institutions continue to adapt to the changing landscape, it is clear that the future of design will be shaped by those who can effectively combine artistic vision with technological innovation.