Vizcom Achieves SOC 2 Type 1 Compliance

Jun 15, 2023


We’re excited to share some momentous news with our valued clients and partners: Vizcom has officially achieved SOC 2 Type 1 compliance! This significant milestone underscores our relentless commitment to implementing top-notch security measures that keep your data safe and secure.

What SOC 2 Type 1 Means for You

Service Organization Control (SOC) 2 Type 1 is an auditing procedure that ensures service providers like Vizcom securely manage your data to protect the interests of both the organization and the privacy of its clients. It focuses on non-financial reporting controls related to security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy of a system.

In practical terms, SOC 2 Type 1 compliance gives you, our client, the assurance that we have met the industry’s high standard for security controls. This compliance serves as third-party validation of the design and implementation of our security processes, thus instilling a higher level of trust in our platform.

Our Journey to SOC 2 Type 1 Compliance

Achieving SOC 2 Type 1 compliance has been a rigorous but highly rewarding journey. It involved the meticulous efforts of our DevOps, Security, and Compliance teams to align our practices with the high standards set by SOC 2 Type 1 requirements.

From securing our cloud-based infrastructure on AWS, employing AES-256 encryption for data at rest and in transit, to implementing role-based access controls, every layer of our platform has been scrutinized and fortified.

Transparency and Trust

While achieving SOC 2 Type 1 is an accomplishment we are proud of, it's not the final destination in our journey toward ensuring a secure and compliant platform. It serves as a baseline that informs and enhances our ongoing efforts to make Vizcom a safe environment for industrial designers from renowned enterprises such as Ford, Nike, and Toyota.


We would like to extend our deepest gratitude to our dedicated team and our loyal clients who trust us with their invaluable data. Achieving SOC 2 Type 1 compliance is just another step in our ongoing mission to provide a secure, reliable, and efficient platform that lets you focus on what you do best—designing the future.

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or would like to know more about what our SOC 2 Type 1 compliance means for your organization.