Bridging the Gap Between 2D and 3D

Apr 4, 2024

At Vizcom, we’re focused on building next-generation tools for designers, to enhance your creativity. Today, we are excited to continue this mission by enabling you to generate 3D geometry from a photo or drawing. This step forward makes 3D design more intuitive, enabling you to see your idea in a new dimension.

3D models play an essential role of the design process, communicating scale, form, and materials that sketches often lack. They provide us with an understanding of how an object will feel rather than just how it looks. We're able to assess these models to make decisions, and determine how to move forward with a project.

Given the complexity of traditional CAD programs, creating 3D is not often part of the ideation process. Translating ideas from paper to 3D can be difficult, and takes a great deal of time to accurately capture the proportions and gesture of a sketch. This lengthy process discourages broad exploration, pushing designers towards early decision-making rather than expansive idea exploration.

In Vizcom, your drawing acts as the foundation for generating a 3d model. Once your sketch is rendered, a 3D model can be created in a matter of seconds. By rapidly bridging dimensions, this feature offers immediate feedback on how an idea looks and feels from all angles.

3D can be generated from more than just a sketch. Capturing a well-lit prototype allows Vizcom to reconstruct the geometry and digitize your work.

Generating a 3D model is not the end of the iteration process inside of Vizcom. Models can be viewed as layers inside Vizcom, allowing you to use it as an underlay to continue sketching and generating new ideas.

We believe these new tools will change the way we design and develop ideas. With the ability to generate 3D from drawings, we hope designers will find themselves liberated to experiment more freely, push the boundaries of creativity, and achieve a deeper understanding of their concepts earlier in the process. This is only our first step into the world of generative 3D. We continue developing new technologies and tools that empower designers to imagine their ideas no matter the dimension.

In the upcoming weeks, we will be rolling out this feature inside an updated drawing interface. We can't wait to see what you make with it.