Design Innovation: Your Competitive Edge in the Age of AI

Sep 4, 2023


*The Dyson examples provided in this post are for educational and demonstrative purposes only. Vizcom has not worked directly with Dyson. All Dyson product images used for training were sourced ethically from publicly available sources, not from private company data. The customized model described is hypothetical and intended solely to showcase Vizcom's capabilities, not to imply an actual relationship with or endorsement from Dyson.

At Vizcom, we believe in the simple power of great design. That's why we're dedicated to creating tools that amplify human creativity through technology. Our latest product offering includes custom Vizcom models trained exclusively for you, on our own design data.

Leading design studios worldwide, teams face immense pressure to rapidly ideate and iterate on product concepts. But manual rendering and prototyping can be painstakingly slow. These bespoke models can capture the essence of each organization's unique aesthetic. Imagine years of your brand's legacy distilled into a version of Vizcom imbued with your creative ethos. This tailored version of Vizcom becomes an engine to carry your ideas to new destinations. 

Why train your own Vizcom model?

Historical design and creative assets accumulated over the years might include product sketches, packaging designs, brand imagery, and more. These are often underutilized and are completely forgotten about once they are no longer relevant or needed for a project.

That's why we provide customized AI solutions that uncover the hidden potential within your existing creative data. Through our data curation service, we build tailored models that learn the nuances and styles unique to each context.

By ingesting and analyzing years of design history and brand aesthetics, Vizcom develops an innate understanding of what makes each studio work exceptional. The models capture everything from the subtle stylistic flourishes to the engineering practicalities that define a brand's identity.

Secure and Exclusive

This is a personalized model that is exclusive to your organization, meaning it's designed to understand and embody your unique brand identity and history while remaining entirely within your control. The model and the insights it generates are solely yours, and will not be used to train other models or shared with other clients.

The Power of Tailored Vizcom Models

To demonstrate the power of the tailored Vizcom model, we trained Vizcom exclusively on publicly available images of Dyson appliance designs. This ethical sourcing was purely for educational purposes. By feeding the Vizcom Dyson product images, the model learned their signature look. It could then generate novel appliance concepts aligned to the Dyson visual language.

We carefully tailor the training process for each scenario: curating data, iterating on model architecture, and incorporating feedback. Protecting your IP is our highest priority.

This example highlights how Vizcom can build custom models focused on a target brand aesthetic using appropriate public data. The AI learns the nuances of a design language without direct access to private company assets.

Unlocking Creative Potential

Imagine having an AI specialist on your team who grew up studying your brand's aesthetics and catalog. With a custom model from Vizcom, it's like having a personal apprentice at your side.

Feed it a quick sketch, and watch as your AI partner analyzes the angle, lighting, colors, materials, finishes, and proportions that define your style. In an instant, it renders the sketch into a striking product shot, as if your most talented visual protégé brought your idea to life.

The results unlock something special in the creative process. With your custom AI, you maintain authorship while possibilities take shape before your eyes. Our custom model can transform any rough sketch into a production-quality render in seconds while maintaining your distinctive style.

This allows you to accelerate your ideation process by collaborating with a version of Vizcom that intrinsically understands your design language. Transform ideation from sketch to render with speed and brand accuracy.

The future of design is collaborative. With a tailored Vizcom model that intrinsically understands your brand's heart and soul, the possibilities are endless. Your most imaginative concepts and visions can rapidly become tangible, living embodiments of everything you aspire to.

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